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Liquid Assets


Prestige Savings Account

Prestige Savings Account is an online savings account that offers you attractive interest rates.

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SGD/Foreign Currency FD

Singapore Dollar or Foreign Currency Fixed Deposits offer you higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts.


Structured Deposits

Structured deposits provide the potential for higher returns as they combine a deposit with an investment product. The principal amount is guaranteed as long as the investor holds the deposit until maturity.

Equity investment provides investor the opportunity to benefit from the price appreciation or rise in value of their shares. Investors may also be entitled to payment of dividends (or distribution, in case of a REIT or Business Trust). Dividends can be a source of income for investors. At Maybank, we provide investors the convenience of order placement through a simple phone call to your dedicated Relationship Manager / Treasury Specialist.

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Dual-currency investments allow you to benefit from foreign exchange movements.

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Fixed Income (Bonds) investment offer investors stable regular income as it provide a stream of fixed income stream until call back/maturity and bonds are usually less volatile than equities which can offer some stability in the overall portfolio. It also provides capital preservation as investor usually receives their principal upon call back/maturity of the bond (unless the company defaults).

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Unit Trusts

Unit trusts are selected and monitored by a team of experienced fund analysts, specialising in different markets, asset classes and investment styles to help you diversify. We offer you only fund managers that meet our stringent selection criteria to ensure that your money is managed by the best.

The Maybank Global Retirement Solutions comprise of several funds that capitalise on market opportunities for potentially higher gains, invest in global growth stocks and bonds for long-term capital appreciation, and provide regular payouts of up to 6.88% p.a..

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Structured Note investments provide investors potential returns that may be higher than traditional cash deposits. Certain Structured Notes may offer the potential of capital appreciation. Structured Note investment is also ideal for investors who are looking for portfolio diversification into different asset classes, sectors and geographies. Here at Maybank, we tailor Structured Note solutions based on investors’ financial goals, needs and market views to meet their portfolio requirements.

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Economic, Social and Governance (ESG)

Investing with a purpose and contribute responsibly to a sustainable future. Here at Maybank, we are committed to provide sustainable investment solutions (in the form of Fixed Income, Structured Notes, Equities & Unit Trusts) that would create positive, resilient impact on society and the environment. We identify these opportunities and support you in the integration of these ESG solutions into your portfolio so that you can play your part for a greener world.

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Life Insurance

Insurance protects you, your family and things you value from financial loss by serving as a financial safety net in the event of mishap.

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Whole Life/Universal Life

Whole Life/Universal Life Insurance Plan presents you with the opportunity to pass on a legacy or estate to your next generation, without diluting your retirement fund or force-selling your business should an unfortunate event happen. In addition, loans may be arranged to finance the single premium of selected Whole Life/Universal Life insurance plans.

Financial Solutions

Wealth Lending

Wealth lending is a credit facility that gives you the option to unlock the value of your existing investment assets and provides you liquidity to take full advantage of potential investments opportunities that may arise. Click here to find out more.

Property Financing

Property financing facilitates buying a new or resale property or refinancing an existing mortgage. You will enjoy competitive interest rates with our residential property home loans or commercial and industrial property loans. As you venture further afield, you will be pleased to know we offer property financing, not just locally, but also in places such as Malaysia, Australia and London.

Business Facility

Business facility offers attractive pricing packages and flexible terms to assist your business with expansion. Furthermore, you can leverage on Maybank Group's relevant expertise in trade finance products, credit facilities, securities lending, currency exchange, cross-border financing, investment leveraging and much more.


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